Political dance solo uses lightness as its main weapon

Beautiful Me

Gregory Maqoma, Vuyani Dance Theatre

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In the solo Beautiful Me choreographer and dancer Gregory Maqoma shares his concern about South African society and political power in its current form throughout the world. Maqoma – who is also performing at this year’s festival in The Head & The Load and with two choreographies: Requiem Request and Cion – studied dance with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker among others and is now a globally renowned artist. For Beautiful Me three choreographers gave him movement material: Vincent Mantsoe, Faustin Linyekula and the British-Bengalese Akram Khan. These choreographers blend dance from their own cultural traditions with the Western idiom. Maqoma combines these pieces with live music and snippets of monologue – in his own authentic way, with humour and lightness as his main weapons.

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