The Welcome Table

How can we disrupt the predominant narrative structures in this information era? Afropean – a multidisciplinary online magazine about the social, cultural and aesthetic aspects of the blending of black and European culture – and the Holland Festival are organising a symposium which will present various answers to this question. The topics include spiritualism, graffiti and griot storytelling. A day with various events, such as panel discussions, conversations and more.

background information

The Welcome Table is an unfinished play by the American writer James Baldwin, a prominent anti-racism activist in his country. The play consists of two characters (based on the dancer Josephine

Baker and the American professor and critic Henry Louis Gates Jr.) at a set table. Incomplete freedom they discuss the condition of the Afro-American community. During the Holland Festival a contemporary version of The Welcome Table will be staged at various venues for a variety of conversations about festival artists’ work and themes. The topics covered will include literary and ideological movements like Négritude and the Harlem Renaissance, the films Échangeur and Touki Bouki, Martiniquan philosopher Édouard Glissant’s work and life, and of course James Baldwin.


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