Holland Festival Proms:
Electro Symphonic Orchestra

Colin Benders

Colin Benders (also known as Kyteman) presents his brand new electro symphonic orchestra in the Kleine Zaal. Looking for an alternative experience of electronic music, Benders created an orchestra consisting of modular synthesisers, each with its own sound and loudspeaker, spread across the stage, achieving a more spatial, transparent reproduction of electronic music, like that of a normal orchestra. The continuous performance is performed on a modular system, played by Colin Benders and a select group of musicians. Ahead of the world premiere of a larger composition in 2019, Benders presents his orchestra at the Holland Festival Proms this year. The composition is largely generative (the system can make its own musical choices) and consists of both pre-programmed and live elements, including classical harmonies and solos, beats, and effects. The audience will be able to come and go all day.


concept and realisation
Colin Benders

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