Contemporary theatrical thriller about multicultural society in the Netherlands

The Nation (1-3)

Eric de Vroedt, Het Nationale Theater

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The Nation is a theatrical thriller about tensions in the tumultuous culturally diverse Netherlands. It starts with a mystery: eleven-year-old Ismaël from a deprived area in The Hague has vanished without a trace. The search involves all levels of society – police officers, jihadists, businessmen, politicians, journalists and social workers, each with their own interests. The Nation is director Eric de Vroedt’s state of the nation. For the next few years he will work on this theatre series at the National Theatre. De Vroedt will make his debut at the Holland Festival, where the first three episodes will be shown in succession. It will star Anniek Pheifer, Mark Rietman and Hein van der Heijden. Eric de Vroedt has included an additional plot line which can only be seen with virtual-reality glasses which we will provide.

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