Sanne Bloemink receives

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The writer and journalist Sanne Bloemink will be hosting several guests during the Parliament of Things. They will discuss the various aspects of democracy in the Anthropocene epoch, and selected film clips will be shown.

On morality - philosopher René ten Bos
René ten Bos (1959) is the Denker des Vaderlands ('Philosopher Laureate') and a professor of philosophy at Radboud University Nijmegen. He will be investigating morality. What does it mean to be a human being in the Anthropocene epoch? What is right and wrong? Is there morality beyond humans? Is the Anthropocene epoch a turning point in the development of DNA? 
4 June

On plants - biologist Norbert Peeters
The philosopher and biologist Norbert Peeters wonders how we can talk about the Anthropocene epoch without considering the role of plants. He will be examining things from plants' perspective. How can we have a meaningful conversation with a plant? Are plants intelligent?
7 June

On spiritual landscapes - explorer Arita Baaijens
Arita Baaijens is an explorer, writer, photographer and biologist. She is investigating the relationship between humans and nature. The subjects touched upon by her research are: non-duality, post-humanism, animism, paradisical cultures and spirituality in the Anthropocene epoch.
12 June

On forests - Dutch Forestry Commission philosopher Matthijs Schouten
The Dutch Forestry Commission philosopher Matthijs Schouten is an ecologist and philosopher. He investigates subjects like nature recovery, ecology and silence in the Anthropocene epoch, and is strongly influenced by the French sociologist Bruno Latour and Indian mythology.
15 June

On animals - visual artist, philosopher Eva Meijer
Eva Meijer is a visual artist, philosopher, writer and singer-songwriter. She will be examining empathy, communication and intelligence in the Anthropocene epoch, from universal human rights to new, yet to be established animal politics.
19 June 

On collectivity - assistant professor Bernice Bovenkerk
Bernice Bovenkerk is an assistant professor at Wageningen University. Her research focuses on ethics and political philosophy. This afternoon she will be examining collectivity in the Anthropocene epoch and what we can learn from insects. The topics are: swarm intelligence, coexistence and superorganisms.
21 June