Ensemble Modern showcases the best new composers from Indonesia

Ruang Suara

Ensemble Modern, Senyawa,
Taufik A. Adam, Dewa Ketut Alit,
Stevie Jonathan Sutanto, Gema Swaratyagita, Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto

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Ruang Suara (‘soundscapes’) showcases a new generation of Indonesian composers. The most striking feature of these pieces is the innovative sound palettes they create, their use of theatrical and visual elements, and how they place traditional vocals and instruments in a new musical context. The compositions are the result of an intensive exchange process that Ensemble Modern from Frankfurt set up to provide the composers with a platform. There will be a world premiere at the concert: the acoustic noise duo Senyawa (Wukir Suryadi & Rully Shabara) and the ensemble will play a new work commissioned by the Holland Festival. The concert shows the sound of modern Indonesia. 


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