An extreme performance by a controversial theatre maker

Promised Ends: The Slow Arrow of Sorrow and Madness

Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, Saint Genet

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Few artists dare to look so ruthlessly for the common denominator of beauty and pain as Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell. In this intense new production by his theatre group Saint Genet, he mixes dance, music, visual arts and extreme performance. Performers experiment with accepted acts of transgression and radical acts of care, examining what is left when all has been lost. Promised Ends: The Slow Arrow of Sorrow and Madness is an opera-performance illuminated by an installation of dozens of fluorescent lights by Ben Zamora, inspired by Jean-Luc Godard and Akira Kurosawa’s King Lear films, and the horrific American legend of the Donner party. It is a ritual of guilt and penance.


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