Prelude to the marathon performance of aus LICHT


Students Royal Conservatoire, Christine Chapman

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Karlheinz Stockhausen has been a special guest in the Holland Festival’s 70-year history. In 1996 he wrote Orchester-Finalisten, for ensemble and electronics, especially for the festival. The musicians in this theatrical concert work – students from the Royal Conservatoire – depict finalists in a contest ‘auditioning’ with solos. The work is part of Mittwoch (Wednes­day), one of the seven days and operas in Stockhausen’s legendary opera cycle LICHT (light). Orchester-Finalisten is a prelude to the marathon performance the Holland Festival will be presenting with Dutch National Opera and Royal Conservatoire in 2019: aus LICHT. The concert on this evening  starts with the Dutch premiere of NEBADON, for horn and electronic music, which – like the world premiere – is performed by Christine Chapman. In both pieces the audience is surrounded by speakers.  


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