Manifesto Reading Sessions

Simone van der Hulst, Suzanne Knip-Mooij

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Manifestos are there to be read – but the texts are not always easy to understand. That is why these three special reading sessions are being organised on three different subjects, with each subject being discussed in depth with experts. Together you read the texts, the expert puts them into the context of their time, and then the participants discuss them. Afterwards you can visit Julian Rosefeldt’s film installation Manifesto.


10/6 - Women and manifestos - Simone van Hulst

Julian Rosefeldt used more than fifty texts for the film installation Manifesto. Most of them were written by men, even though plenty of twentieth century manifestos were written for women and also by women. You will investigate these female manifestos with Simone van Hulst. 

17/6 - The language of action - Suzanne Knip-Mooij

In this reading session, the researcher Suzanne Knip-Mooij will be examining the language of manifestos with you. How does the language and form of manifestos induce action? What have been the historical consequences of certain manifestos? Be prepared not just to listen and read, but also to take action yourself.

24/6 - Manifestos nowadays - Lara Steel

It is time to examine the present in this final session. Are manifestos an outdated form or are they still relevant? Using contemporary examples, you will try to write a manifesto yourself, with guidance from the programme maker Lara Staal.