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musicians and music theatre makers at the Royal Conservatoire and T.I.M.E.

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The Holland Festival has been going for seventy years. Which is good moment for a new generation of musical theatre makers from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague to organise a musical party at Leidseplein. They are turning the Stadsschouwburg into a gigantic birthday cake for the annual lunch concerts. There will be mini-concerts on the balcony, conducted using grand gestures from Leidseplein. Sirens will blare, a fanfare will be played and the apotheosis will be a grand finale of vuvuzelas.

For their lunch concert, the students from the Royal Conservatoire were inspired by the legendary opera Reconstructie (Holland Festival, 1969), about Che Guevara. The opera was in the form of an alphabet. Reconstructie was very controversial and it was created collectively, as was the performance for the lunch concerts. The students have put their own alphabet together, consisting of inspirational sources, heroes and parties. For each letter, a student has created a brand-new music or musical theatre piece: electronic or acoustic, harmonic or dissonant. It is a present for the Holland Festival, played with love for all passers-by on Leidseplein.

The alphabet

A Apocalypticism 
B Brutalism
C Capitalism
D Decadentism
E Empiricism
F Fascism
G God
H Hedonism
I Individualism
J Justice
K Kamikazism
L Love
M Motherhood
N Nihilism
O Opportunism
P Patriotism
Q Questioning
R Rebellion
S Sexism
T Trial & Error
U Utopism
V Veganism
W War
X Xerox
Y Yin & Yang
Z Zen


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