'A Harrowing Puppet Show' - The New York Times

Demolishing Everything with Amazing Speed

Dan Hurlin, Dan Moses Schreier

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A drunken woman walks along the edge of a precipice; a quarrelling couple tear each other’s limbs off; there is an attack on the whole stage. Before you know it the scenes in this absurdist tragicomedy change from gentle to atrocious. The American theatre maker and puppeteer Dan Hurlin based this work on four single-act plays he rediscovered in Italy that had been written by the futurist Fortunato Depero at the height of World War I. Hurlin combines classic Japanese bunraku puppetry, 3D printers, video and sound sampling to create a swift, futurist piece of art. This multidisciplinary theatre reveals chilling parallels between their time and ours.


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