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À l’ombre des ondes

Kristoff K. Roll

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Sit back in a deckchair on the waterfront, put on the headphones, and experience other people's dreams. The musician duo Kristoff K. Roll – specialised in intimate sound theatre and electro-acoustic improvisation – create an ‘audio siesta’. They collect the dreams of people in the Netherlands especially for this series. These dreams will be mixed with an improvised soundscape during the performance, together with the dreams they recorded in 2016 at the Jungle refugee camp in Calais, where people lived in deplorable conditions. The voices, traffic, bird calls above the flowing water, and other 'sound waves' on the headphones shape a landscape in which all dreams come to life.

Background information

The French duo Kristoff K.Roll (Jean-Christophe Camps and Carole Rieussec) will be making its debut at the Holland Festival with the performance À l'ombre des ondes (In the Shadows of the Waves). A dream-like experience: a combination of site-specific theatre, sound 

art, documentary and concert. Or, in the words of the duo: an 'audio-speaking siesta'. The audience sit deckchairs, put on a pair of headphones and are transported on an associative dream journey. This 'cinema for the ears' is mixed and performed live by Kristoff K.Roll (the two musicians present themselves as a single character). À l'ombre des ondes was created in 2007. It's an ongoing improvisation project that continues to grow with the addition of new, local dreams each time it is performed. 

The audio-speaking siesta is a dream journey in three parts. The first part consists of a live recording and razor-sharp amplification of the ambient noises. Then, in the second part, numerous sounds and voices are introduced, which refer to the character and identity of the location. In this case: Amsterdam and its residents. In the third part, the visitor hears Dutch people talking about their dreams. These fragments are supplemented by dreams from La bibliothèque de récits de rêves – a huge soundbank of dream stories that Kristoff K.Roll has been collecting since the very beginning of the project. These stories have been reworked and marked with a musical imprint. This library is in constant movement and recently saw the addition of dream stories from migrants living in terrible conditions in the chaotic 'jungle' camp near the Channel Tunnel in Calais. The producers explain that all of these voices are stored in the library 'as hidden shadows that risk being suppressed by the hatred and fear that are prevalent in present-day Europe'. À l'ombre des ondes gives shape to the nightmare in which these individuals find themselves, as well as their visions for the future. Their stories carry with them the beauty of all cultures. These wandering voices are all that is left of their dreams. 

The performance takes place at the crossroads between internal and external worlds, the no man's land between listening and watching, where fantasy has free rein. This is all supplemented with an improvised soundscape that slowly turns into an electro-acoustic concert. The result is a labyrinth of sounds at the intersection of theatre, improvisation and composition, installation and performance art. The headphones create an effect that is isolating and communal in equal measure. Dreams come to life. 



Kristoff K.Roll is a French musical duo consisting of Carole Rieussec and Jean-Christophe Camps. Their joint incarnation as Kristoff K.Roll began in Paris in 1990, when they were both members of the seven-piece turntable collective Arènes du Vinyle. Since then, the pair have 

been producing sound art with distinctive layers at the intersection between noise, soundscape, site-specific and object theatre, documentary and music. Kristoff K.Roll's compositions are built on three elements: the word, the space and the object. The duo experiments with ways of sound distribution that go beyond the usual concert setting. 

Kristoff K.Roll has collaborated with composer Luc Ferrari on many occasions, and in the 1990s, the duo contributed towards the explosion in electro-acoustic compositions for theatre and stage. In the process, the studio methods and accompanying equipment became visible instruments in the live improvisation game. The duo is currently focusing on (electro) acoustic improvisations, sound theatre, radio art, installations, text composition and performance art. Highlights from their oeuvre include: Corazón road (1994-1996), Des travailleurs de la nuit à l’amie des objets (1997), Portrait de Daunik Lazro (1998), Le petit bruit d’à côté du coeur du monde (1995-2001), l’ (2007) and, more recently, La bohemia electrónica … nunca duerme (2014). Kristoff K.Roll can regularly be seen at festivals in France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Quebec and the United States. Sometimes they perform as a duo and sometimes they collaborate with other artists. Many of Kristoff K.Roll's compositions have received international awards, and the duo is on the editorial board of the French music magazine Revue & Corrigée. In addition, Kristoff K.Roll produces radio shows for Radio Libertaire in Paris and Radio Pays d'Hérault. Together with sound poet Anne-James Chaton, the duo co-founded Sonorités, the international sound and poetry festival. 



Kristoff K. Roll (Carole Rieussec, Jean-Christophe Camps)
Jean-Christophe Camps, Carole Rieussec
Bérangère Mabé
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