Hotel Privacy

Stine Jensen, Beate Roessler, Dries Depoorter

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What does intimacy mean in these times of Wikileaks and Facebook? At the Volkshotel artists and thinkers discuss how changes in our notion of privacy influence our sense of intimacy, our friendships and our social life. As the speakers will all retire to their respective hotel rooms, the public can roam through the corridors to visit them and hear their stories. In her essay Echte Vrienden (True Friends), Stine Jensen, who is one of the speakers, introduced the term intimate capital, describing people’s personal information. This evening is about the value of this intimate capital. Beate Roessler and Dries Depoorter will be speaking as well. Beate Roessler is a professor of Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and co-founder the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research. Dries Depoorter is a media artistist from Belgium who broaches topics as privacy, surveillance, online identity and big data. Work that makes you wonder about our future. 

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