Moroccan Gnawa ritual at the Concertgebouw

Holland Festival Proms:

Gnawa Oulad Sidi Ensemble

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From the afternoon until the early hours of the night, a festive, musical Gnawa ritual will be performed at the Concertgebouw. One of the most important spiritual and musical traditions in Morocco, Gnawa is the expression of the Gnawa brotherhoods, who distilled their own form of music from African music cultures and religious Arab songs. During the ‘Lila’, a ceremony which lasts for many hours, the participants try to come into contact with the spirits through music and dance. The ceremony at the Holland Festival Proms will start at the Grote Zaal (Main Hall). Guided by the Gwana Maalem, the musicians and dancers will then move in procession to the Kleine Zaal (Recital Hall), where the audience are free to walk in or out throughout the performance.

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