‘Rape as ultimate love token’
- De Morgen

You are my destiny

(Lo stupro di Lucrezia)

Angélica Liddell

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A rapist and his victim, who are meant for each other: the controversial Catalan theatre maker Angélica Liddell proposes a decidedly different interpretation to the classic story of Lucretia than we’ve known. To Ovid and Titus Livy, her rape by crown prince Tarquinius marked the birth of the republic; to Shakespeare, her suicide was an act of fidelity. However, in Liddell’s universe spiritual passions and carnal desires find their way unrestrained by laws or morals. In her story, Lucretia commits suicide to be able to continue her love relationship with Tarquinius when they end up in hell. Her rebellion exposes the mediocrity of political ambitions and the stifling demand on women to be virtuous.



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