For 25 hours the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ will be changed into an utopic city

ein tag und eine stunde in urbo kune

Klangforum Wien, Netzzeit, Forum Experimentelle Architektur

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How do we want to live as a community in the future? What do we want our cities to look like, how will our communities function, what kind of music will we hear? These questions, and many others, will be explored by the unparallelled Viennese ensemble Klangforum Wien in collaboration with a select group of movers and shakers, when they play their ‘urban opera’ urbo kune. Urbo Kune, which is Esperanto for ‘common city’, is the utopian capital of the United States of Europe. The full title of the performance is ein tag und eine stunde in urbo kune (one day and one hour in urbo kune), which is exactly what the audience is offered: during 25 hours the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ hosts an event during which Urbo Kune is established by means of a mix of concert, conference, film, installation and research laboratory. Audience members can come and go, eat, drink, even stay the night, and are challenged to contribute their ideas about the city and the Europe of the future. Urbo Kune’s soundtrack includes works by Xenakis, Furrer and Donatoni. Composer Rozalie Hirs will write a new work for the occasion. The international speakers include a number of Dutch keynotes: Arnon Grunberg (presenting a new short story), mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan and architect Francine Houben. And, there’s food from all the corners of Europe. So do come and visit us in Urbo Kune!


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