Intimate relationships in the public space

Todo lo que está a mi lado

Fernando Rubio

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At six outdoor locations in the heart of Amsterdam – on the streets, the quaysides and the canals – people can experience a very special encounter with a complete stranger – in bed. Todo lo que está a mi lado (Everything by my side) by the Argentine theatre maker Fernando Rubio is a public spectacle yet at the same time an intimate, one-on-one performance. The actress who invites you into the bed, recounts a poetical story about the unfathomable void of loneliness which can suddenly overwhelm you; and about the soothing words, the dreams and beauty which can bring happiness within reach. It’s a cathartic experience for the ‘bedfellow’; and a fascinating, almost surreal spectacle for passers-by.

Practical information

Starting time:
Every 15 minutes between 5 pm and 7 pm / between 8 pm and 10 pm.

In case of bad weather conditions, the project will be moved to the metro hall at Central Station. Please check this site at th day itself (from 12;00 pm) for the correct location.

This performance is not accessible for wheelchairs, unless you can take place in the bed from your wheelchair.

Complete playist of Todo loque está a mi lado:
De Dam (3 - 5 June)
Veemkade (6 June)
Westergasfabriek (7 June)
Plantage Westermanlaan (8 June)
Spui (9 June)
Oudezijds Achterburgwal (10 -12 June)


In collaboration with a group of Dutch actresses, the Argentine theatre maker Fernando Rubio stages Todo lo que está a mi lado (Eveything by my side), an intimate installation performance in public places in Amsterdam. In various unexpected locations in the city – right in the middle of the city centre, in a park, on the water – he installs a number of double beds, in each one of which an actress invites members from the audience for a one-to-one performance.

After the visitor has taken off his shoes and joined the actress in her bed, a short and intimate encounter will ensue. The actress whispers a short text by Rubio to the visitor, about the feeling of loneliness which can suddenly overwhelm you, about the first time you experienced this feeling as a child, about the future. Once or twice she will caress the visitor's arm or face, a gesture that reinforces the intimate character of the performance.

Rubio wrote his short, poetic text after having woken up one morning in his bed in Buenos Aires, overcome by a sense of loneliness which took him back to the first time he had felt this lonely as a four- or five-year-old. Most visitors will probably recognise this experience. The intimacy of their encounter is further enhanced by the fact that they are alone in bed with the actress, with no one else around who can hear her whispered words.

At the same time, the performance will affect the larger audience as well – the surprise of coming across the spectacle of Rubio's art installation in the cities where it has already appeared, has sparked the imagination of many curious passers-by. Fernando Rubio has taken his performance to many cities and their international festivals, ranging from Punta Arenas in Chile (2012), New York (2014), Athens (2014) and his own city Buenos Aires (2013). In each of these cities, he has worked with local actresses, who speak the same language as the visitors, creating an atmosphere of familiarity which is crucial for the performance to work.

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Fernando Rubio (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1975) is one of the leaders of a new generation of theatre makers in Argentina. Rubio trained at the Escuela Metropolitana de Arte Dramático in Buenos Aires, and now teaches dramaturgy at the Posgrado de Artes Performáticas de la Universidad de Arte Dramático (UNA). In 2001, he started his theatre company Intimo Teatro Itinerante (Travelling Intimate Theatre) to create a form of theatre which addresses the audience directly, giving them an active role in his performances. In Pueden dejar lo que quieran the audience wandered on stage through piles of clothes of the victims of a car crash; in Todo lo que está a mi lado the members of the audience are invited to join an actress in bed.

His performances are a mix of visual art, literature, architecture, theatre and performance. Rubio is always very conscious about the space he uses for his performances, choosing and designing a new and appropriate setting for any new project. Often, his dreams serve as inspiration for his projects, making his performances come across as surreal and hallucinatory, interweaving adulthood and childhood, memories and reality, fears and desires.

Fernando Rubio has been invited to stage his performances and films at many theatre and film festivals across South-America and Europe. In The Netherlands he was a guest at the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival in Groningen in 2012 with Todo lo que está a mi lado, and also in 2012 staged Pueden dejar lo que quieran (You can leave what you want) as part of the 'Ervaar Daar Hier Theater', a theatre tour organised by the Dutch Fonds Podiumkunsten. In 2014, Rubio returned to the Noorderzon festival with When we were kids, the first part of a trilogy about people who've forgotten who they are.

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direction, text and space design
Fernando Rubio
Martin Grosman
with thanks to
Canal, Double Tree by Hilton, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Gemeente Amsterdam/Stadsdeel Centrum, Gemeente Amsterdam/Dienst Metro en Tram, GVB, Amsterdam Central Station
Anneke Wiggemans
Cole Verhoeven
Evrim Aktigit
Heleen Vredeveld
Lina Issa
Lotte Taminiau
Marit de Weerd
Michelle de Bruijn
Mirjana Smolic
Sarah Eshuys
Sarah van der Meere
Suuz van Wijk