symposium on the life and work of Misha Mengelberg

Misha’s Middag

Misha Mengelberg, Koen Schouten, Kevin Whitehead, Floris Schuiling, George Lewis, Benjamin Herman, Louis Andriessen

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Misha Mengelberg is one of the greats of jazz history. In celebration of his 80th birthday, his opera Koeien will be performed at the festival. Misha’s Afternoon, moderated by Koen Schouten, addresses Mengelberg’s role as an avant-gardist, thinker and Instant Composer. There are contributions by the journalist Kevin Whitehead, author of the widely read book New Dutch Swing, and musicologist Floris Schuiling (University of Cambridge), as well as a keynote from trombone player and Columbia University professor George Lewis. Benjamin Herman will contribute musical interludes, Mengelberg’s peer, composer Louis Andriessen, will be interviewed, and a book containing 24 interviews with Mengelberg will be presented.

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