‘A rare and gripping performance which touches everyone’
- Die Presse


Boris Charmatz, musée de la danse

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Known for his inventive, philosophical and socially sharp performances, the French choreographer Boris Charmatz continually develops new forms of dance. After the huge success of enfant at the Holland Festival in 2012, he now returns with manger. Which is a simple concept, but nonetheless rich in the variety of its manifestations, ranging from a mundane act to one harbouring explicit sexual connotations and people eating themselves to death. Underneath all these forms, Charmatz has found his own basic form, which is geared towards the relation between the fingers and the mouth as well as to the voice. The essence of the movement arsenal he has developed for this project is in the act of making things disappear, in consuming. The result is a sensuous experience, a work that can be characterised as a moving installation.

Please note: standing room only


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