HF Young Academy

in cooperation with Felix in de Steigers

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Want to come well prepared for the HF Young performances? Then sign up for our HF Young crash course in cooperation with Felix in de Steigers. On two nights in April and May experts and artists offer a couple of lively art seminars in which you are offered many pointers and insights that will enhance your experience of the various festival performances.

Thu 23 April

It’s going to be a physical affair at HF Young’s first Academy. The Veem Theater’s Anne Breure will discuss the role of the human body in various art forms, including dance, performance and theatre. Dramaturge Jesse Vanhoecken and a group of dancers from ICKamsterdam will engage the audience in analysing the physical component of dance, while in the Dance Engine, audience members can experiment with dance and movement themselves.

As well as music and drinks there’s also an opportunity to sample some edible ceramics by Masha Ru, in connection with Boris Charmatz’ dance performance manger, plus a photo exhibition by PUPMAG. Host for the evening is Stichting Nieuwe Helden’s Lucas De Man.

Thu 14 May

Discover the technology behind digital pop phenomenon Hatsune Miku and the algorithms controlling Annie Dorsen’s music theatre performance Yesterday Tomorrow. Find out what new artistic director Ruth Mackenzie hopes to see realised in her first and subsequent Holland Festivals, and what the future of digital media as a new art form will look like according to Sonic Acts’ Lucas van der Velden.

All this and of course drinks, bites and beats to mix business with pleasure in this second HF Young Academy presented by our man in the know Lucas De Man.


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