De seksistische talkshow (open for all)

Niña Weijers & Simone van Saarloos, Christiane Jatahy, Cigdem Yuksel, Mano Bouzamour

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Themed ‘breaking away’, writer Niña Weijers and philsopher Simone van Saarloos present a Holland Festival edition of their Sexist Talkshow, in which they talk with women from the arts, culture, science and journalism about their work, vision and ambitions. Guests include Brazilian theatre director Christiane Jatahy, who features at the festival with her prodution What if they went to Moscow?, and Dutch photographer Cigdem Yuksel, who’s exhibiting a series of photographs in Amsterdam’s tram and bus shelters as part of the theatre performance Niet Meer Zonder Jou. Token man Mano Bouzamour of Toneelgroep Amsterdam will read from Kings of War and watch out for our guerilla columnist!


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