Baroque spectacle by American multitalents Ondrejcak and Worden

You Us We All

Dutch premiere

Shara Worden, Andrew Ondrejcak, BOX (Baroque Orchestration X)

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Love, Death, Hope and Virtue: what do they mean in today's world? Multitalented artist Andrew Ondrejcak presents these allegorical characters in a contemporary form of the masque, an early 17th century British precursor of the opera. In the imaginative extravagance of the performance, evidence of Ondrejcak's background as an installation artist for the leading brands in fashion, sophisticated language and coarse humour blend with ease.
The music of Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), who also plays Hope on stage, combines baroque with pop and soul and is performed by Belgian baroque-rock outfit BOX. Ultimately, a fifth character, Time, proves to be at the centre of developments, unmasking the other four as mere mortals.
Programme Icoon