Fascinating encounter between organ and electronics

Twitchy Organs

Nico Muhly, Oneohtrix Point Never

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The subtle repetitive organ music of Nico Muhly is mixed with the electronic sounds of Daniel Lopatin aka Oneothrix Point Never (OPN), whose melancholic synths move between ambient, drone and fragmented dance. Muhly is regarded as one of the hottest young composers of the contemporary New York music scene, while Brooklynite OPN is well on his way to reaching stardom in the realm of electronic music, certainly since the release last year of his album R Plus Seven on the renowned Warp label. OPN, who makes extensive use of organ samples in his music, will perform his own tracks live. Muhly’s organ music is performed by James McVinnie. Together the three of them will conclude the concert with a rendition of Muhly’s Twitchy Organs.
Programme Icoon

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