A sinister world unfolds in gripping, forceful music theatre performance

The Wasp Factory

Ben Frost, David Pountney

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The Wasp Factory recounts the disturbing acts of Frank Couldhame, a troubled 16 year old teenager living on a remote Scottish island. In this isolated environment, Frank has retreated into a self-invented universe of obsessions and rituals, in which he acts like a cruel God ruling over life and death. When Frank’s brother Eric escapes from a psychiatric institution, his world is in danger of collapsing and Frank is confronted with a truth that nobody could have thought possible, even not Frank himself. Combining a bleak stage design with a mix of extreme sonic structures, classical, minimalist and raw pop music, composer and director Ben Frost has succesfully transformed Iain Banks’ chilling cult novel into gripping, forceful music theatre.
Programme Icoon

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