Cooking in the kitchen of life

The Kitchen

Roysten Abel

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This is not a cooking programme. This is cooking as a metaphor for life itself. The Indian director Roysten Abel serves up a ritual fusion of sight, sound, smell and taste, in search of the perfect balance. On stage a drama without words unfolds between a husband and wife who are preparing a payasam, a traditional Indian dessert, in large pots. Behind them twelve drummers are slowly revealed, playing the mizhavu, a traditional barrel-shaped drum from the South-Indian region of Kerala. The surging sounds from the drums, the beautifully lit spectacle on stage and the spreading fragrances of the food combine as in a trance inducing meditation to reach a boiling point delighting all the senses, including taste, as the audience is invited to share the payasam afterwards.


Tue 24.6, Wed 25.6, India Picnic
Programme Icoon

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