Philip Glass’ adventurous synthesis of traditional opera and modern minimalism

the CIVIL warS - Rome

Philip Glass, Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, Groot Omroepkoor

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Philip Glass’ 1983 opera Rome was the last section of Robert Wilson’s famed opera project the CIVIL warS. In his staging Wilson introduced a range of characters, from Abraham Lincoln and his mentally ill widow Mary to the Italian freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Greek hero Heracles. Glass set Wilson’s immensely rich libretto to colourful, yet lucid music full of intricate patterns of melodies and rhythms, creating a bold synthesis of modern minimalism and 400 years of Italian opera traditions. The Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra presents a concert performance of the opera with a cast of five singers on stage. The musical direction is by Glass expert Dennis Russell Davies.

the CIVIL warS will be recorded by the NTR and will be broadcasted on Friday the 20th of June at 8.00 pm in the Avondconcert on Radio 4.
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