Greed and abandon in overwhelming theatre spectacle

Playing Cards: SPADES

Robert Lepage

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The spade suit in Robert Lepage's Playing Cards: SPADES represents the attack: his spectacle takes us to Las Vegas in 2003, at the time of the Iraq invasion. On the famous Las Vegas Strip and in the desert surrounding the city we follow various characters at a pinnacle moment in their lives, trying their luck. With this production, the famous Canadian theatre and opera director once again proves himself to be the great master of the multimedia theatre spectacle. The intricate stage design allows for the actors to carry out instant set changes, from hotel room to casino, swimming pool, airport or desert. The result is a contemporary myth about seduction, risk and excess, full of illusions, escape art and hypnotizing choreography, which leave the public flabbergasted. All bets are on....
Programme Icoon

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