Bejun Mehta stars in Pierre Audi's inspired interpretation of Handel's masterpiece

dress rehearsal Orlando

George Frideric Handel, De Munt, Brussel

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Orlando is considered one of Handel’s most original and expansive operas. It’s a character study with a relatively small cast but a huge impact. The knight Orlando is head over heels in love with the princess Angelica. However, she loves the African prince Medoro. Orlando’s jealousy drives him to madness; only the magician Zoroastro can restore his sanity. Director Pierre Audi has lent a surprising twist to the story, portraying Orlando as a pyromaniac firefighter. Audi’s staging perfectly matches the discerning, authentic performance practice by baroque expert René Jacobs and the brilliant musicianship of the Flemish ensemble B’Rock. The cast is led by the most popular countertenor of the moment, Bejun Mehta.