Forsythe Masterclass

for professional dancers and students in their final year only

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The Re-Workshop takes Ballet Frankfurt/The Forsythe Company's collaborative approach to creation as its starting place, offering two days of workshops on the practices of re-inventing initiated by William Forsythe. Liz Waterhouse will draw from her experience with The Forsythe Company and studies of Philosophy/Performance Studies, to look at the dimension of movement transfer between materials (paper, clothing) and people, as scores. The workshop is intended to complement The Forsythe Company's performance of The Returns at the Holland Dance Festival. 

You can subscribe for this masterclass till Wednesday 25 June 11.00 am

workshop canceled

The workshop has been canceled, due to a lack of applications.

Re-Workshop || Elizabeth Waterhouse

After a physical warmup, this workshop will develop systems of using re-words and materials (clothes and drawings) as movement scores. Dancing together, we will consider: How do these materials suggest or invite us to move? How can we construct motion via layering material-suggestions and suggesting-re-techniques? Participants will try tasks from The Forsythe Company's repertoire and build their own scores in groups. Subtle doses of theory, such as James Gibson's idea of affordance, will be introduced as needed. The workshop will end with discussion of how material and digital tools are being used in contemporary choreographic process. Please bring an extra set of clothes that can be used to create a movement score.


Liz Waterhouse is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and theorist. Formally a dancer in The Forsythe Company (2005 - 2012), Elizabeth was involved in the Motion Bank projects Synchronous Objects and Dance Engaging Science, publishing related texts in books and journals. Invested broadly as a teacher and researcher of dance pedagogy, Liz has offered workshops and lectures internationally, including Tanzlabor21 in Frankfurt, TanzNetz Dresden, The Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, The American Dance Festival, and Stanford University. Liz's research interests include aesthetics and metaphysics of choreography, object usage, entrainment, documentation of collective practice, musicality, and notation forms. She graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor degree in physics and completed her Master degree at The Ohio State University in dance. In 2013 she was awarded a fellowship for dramaturgy from Akademie Musiktheater Heute.


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Bertha Bermúdez
Elizabeth Waterhouse

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