A vogue & waacking extravaganza

DoubleTree Late Night: House of Vineyard's Love Boat

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Following on from Judson Church is Ringing in Harlem, the DoubleTree's Skylounge is turned into a ball room full of glitter, glamour and stylish extravagance. Themed Love Boat after the 1980's American TV series, the Holland Festival organises a Vogue Ball in the same style as they were held in New York's LGBT scene during the 1980's era, featuring battles in Runway, Waacking and Vogue. For each category prizes are awarded to the most confident and best presented contestants. The jury is formed by leading Vogue dancers and heads of Vogue Houses. The evening is moderated by House of Vineyard host Amber 'Ambiance' Vineyard. If you want to take part in the contest, please register at [email protected], giving your name and the category you want to take part in.


Patrick Karijowidjojo (Netherlands)
Lasseindra Ninja (France)
Princey Jay Shoqlat (Netherlands)
Sarita Sarada (Netherlands)

Background information

The members of the jury are Patrick Karijowidjojo (Netherlands) of the House of Ninja, Lasseindra Ninja (France) of the House of Ninja & Mother of the House of Juicy, Princey Jay Shoqlat (Netherlands) of the House of Shoqlat and Sarita Sarada (Netherlands), Femme Lethal, Xchange and winner Waacking Ladies of Hiphop NYC 2013.



  • Runway – the participants are judged on their walk and personality on the runway.
    Dresscode: High Fashion on Deck! Shades compulsory

  • Waacking – evolved during the disco era in Los Angeles, waacking is a form of dance characterised by its femininity, twirling arm movements and vogues (pauses during the dance to stop and pose), during which the arms move to stress every beat, emphasising its musical character.
    Dresscode: Love Boat’s Guest Star Entertainer (think Glitter & Glamour of a 1980s Diva).

  • Vogue Fem – Vogue, or voguing, is a highly stylised form of house dance that evolved out of the 1980's ball room scene in Harlem, New York. It gained mainstream exposure when it was featured in Madonna's song and video Vogue in 1990 and when showcased in the 1991 documentary film Paris is Burning. In order to win in this category, the participants will have to deliver a mint performance covering the 5 elements of Vogue: hand performance, floor performance, catwalk, duckwalk and spins and dips. Hand performance refers to the dance movements of arms, wrists, hands and fingers. Spins are rotating movements on the ball of the foot, the knees or the back. The catwalk is the upward shashaying in a linear fashion across the runway, as in fashion shows. Duckwalk refers to the crouched, squatted foot-kicking and scooting movements whilst balancing on the balls of the feet, while the dip is the falling backward onto one's back with one's leg folded underneath.
    Dresscode: Sailor Ahoy

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