Rousing drums and spirited saxophones from Serbia

DoubleTree Late Night: Carlama Orkestar

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The fuse is laid to the Balkan's powder keg In De Warme Winkel's Gavrilo Princip, but later in the evening a more festive Balkan atmosphere is created at the Double Tree Hotel's Skylounge, thanks to the Carlama Orkestar.

Led by singer and saxophonist Stanislav Mitrovic, the orchestra combines the rousing rhythms and melodies of the Balkan with the rich traditions of Serbian brass bands. As well as a range of percussion instruments, the band feature an almost complete range of the saxophone family, from soprano to bass. Their remarkable and eclectic brand of music reminds one of a mixture of the Rumanian gypsy band Fanfare Ciocarlia and the World Saxophone Quartet.

Carlama means 'wild dance' or 'exuberant party' in Serbian, a well deserved name for this band, playing a blend of unbridled festive music and intense ballads, in which improvisation and a healthy dose of humour play a big part.

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