Isabella Rossellini on the outrageous love life of animals.

Bestiaire d’amour

Isabella Rossellini

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The favourite position of the worm, what a female duck can do with her vagina and how the dolphin will use all orifices available: these and other saucy facts about the love life of the animals are brought to light in Bestiaire d’amour.
With her light, dry wit Isabella Rossellini delivers a theatrical seminar dealing with lust, love, motherhood, sex and procreation right down to their outlandish and surreal details. Rossellini illustrates her story with a number of short videos from the Green Porno series which she made for the Sundance Channel.
From a mating dance to a tournament fight, from orgies to gangbangs and from infanticide to moments of great intimacy and tenderness: sometimes you’d forget she’s talking about animals.
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