Refreshing Australian adaptation of Ibsen's devastating family drama.

The Wild Duck

Simon Stone

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Maybe sometimes it's better not to know the truth. Hjalmar Ekdal is reasonably happy, living in a small flat with his dad, his wife, his daughter and a duck. But not all is what it seems. When his old friend Gregers returns and discovers some old family secrets, he decides to tell Hjalmar, with disastrous consequences for the Ekdal family. The young Australian director Simon Stone, artistic director of Sydney’s Belvoir Theatre, delivers a taut adaptation of Ibsen's modern classic, giving it a new-found fierceness and muscularity. Stone literally puts his actors behind glass, making the audience into voyeurs. From their seats they watch the characters as they struggle with some unbearable truths, in a glass box from which no escape seems possible.
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