Dutch debut of this new 'super group' of Irish music.

The Gloaming

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Early in 2011, by way of experiment, they met for a jamming session in the studio. At the end of that same year, the Irish Times hailed them as the new supergroup of Irish Music. Now, 18 months later, the Gloaming make their Dutch debut at the Holland Festival. Their instant success does not come as such a surprise though when you consider that all members of the band are seasoned recording artists in Irish music, some having worked with such names as Antony & the Johnsons, David Byrne and Yoko Ono. With The Gloaming they are breaking new ground, stretching the boundaries of Irish folk music. Their performances are virtuoso yet subtle, powerful yet controlled, with beautiful melodies and, most of all, revelling in the sheer joy of music!


Their live performances so far have been revelatory ... Future dates are likely to cement them as one of the great forces in Irish music.

The Irish Times

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