Image triggers sound in three works by Christian Marclay.

The Bell and The Glass & Shuffle & Screen Play

Christian Marclay, MAZE

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Image is used to trigger sound in three works by Christian Marclay. At the EYE the MAZE ensemble plays two early ‘video scores:’ edited film footage serving as graphic scores. In The Bell and The Glass (2003), Marclay juxtaposes two of Philadel­phia’s famous icons: the Liberty Bell and Marcel Duchamp’s The Large Glass. Marclay used original as well as found footage, including clips from Hollywood movies. In Screen Play (2005) black-and-white images are overlaid with brightly colored animated graphics which refer to musical notation and suggest tone, energy, rhythm, dynamics and tempo. Shuffle (2007) is a card game using photographs of everyday situations implicitly or explicitly referring to musical notation to be interpreted by the performers.

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