Radical confrontation of extreme forces in music, dance and light.


Tomoko Mukaiyama, Nicole Beutler, Jean Kalman

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Galina Ustvolskaya’s Piano Sonata No. 6 has been compared to a scream in the universe. Along with the subtle and more filmic Piano Sonata No. 5 this work is the heart of SHIROKURO, literally meaning white-black in Japanese. Pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama and choreo­grapher Nicole Beutler teamed up with set and lighting designer Jean Kalman and dancer Mitchell-lee van Rooij to create a dance concert full of extremes and contrasts. Inspired by Ustvolskaya’s radical compositions, Mukaiyama and Van Rooij test the limits of music and dance. Their encounter creates a new energy which challenges the audience to look back on their own experiences of this life so full of irreconcilable contradictions.


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