Dutch debut of East Tyrolean ‘Musicabanda’ with fascinating metamorphosis of Mahler's classic songs.


Gustav Mahler, Franui

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East-Tyrolean outfit Franui make Mahler sound like never before. With their unusual, brass-dominated instrumentation this ‘Musicabanda’ from the village of Innervillgraten developed their unique sound by combining folk with classical music and jazz. Mahler’s late romantic songs undergo a fascinating metamorphosis, taking them back to their folk roots. The songs are interspersed with readings from Robert Walsers Kleine Dichtungen. The result is stunning: songs which through their sparse instrumentation sound heart-wrenchingly poignant, close harmonies of a touching honesty and gentle winds and brass through which the magnificent musical genius of the master resounds. A must for anyone who loves Mahler, and for those who weren’t aware of it yet.


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