Reinbert de Leeuw unlocks the mystical world of Morton Feldman.

For Bunita Marcus

Morton Feldman, Reinbert de Leeuw

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The music of the American composer Morton Feldman (1926-1987) is a paragon of understatement. His compositions are characterised by a deceptive emptiness and daringly sparse instrumentations. Feldman wrote this piano work for composer Bunita Marcus, who was inseparable as his artistic companion in the last years of his life. The score plays a complex and elongated game with different, overlapping time signatures and metres. By creating a scarcity of events, Feldman manages to exert a hypnotic influence on the listener. Hardly anything happens and at the same time a lot happens, and thereby his music touches on the mysteries of time itself. It’s mystical stuff that could not be in any better hands than Reinbert de Leeuw’s, who is a master of tension and focus.


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