Deep-rooted Algerian songs which make you forget hunger and thirst.

El Gusto - Kashba Blues

Masters of the chaabi

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In their younger years, the musicians of the chaabi orchestra El Gusto enjoyed great fame in the Casbah, the traditional quarter clustered around the citadel of Algiers. Side by side Jews and Muslims, Africans and Europeans played and sung their traditional songs about love, heartbreak, friendship and betrayal. That is until the Algerian revolution drove them apart. Now these musicians are all in their seventies and eighties, but they still have a great passion for the chaabi, entrancing folk music with influences from North Africa, Andalusia and the Middle-East. The musicians were gathered together from all parts of the world for a historical reunion, proving that music has no age limit. For they still play their instruments as if they were dancing with a beautiful woman, and still their deep-rooted songs ‘make you forget hunger, thirst or grief’.

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