French-Algerian choreographer explores the tensions between the body and Eastern culture.

El Djoudour (the Roots)

Abou Lagraa, Compagnie La Baraka, Ballet Contemporain D’Alger

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Following the tremendous success of Nya (Holland Festival 2011) the French-Algerian choreographer Abou Lagraa returns with El Djoudour. In his latest work, Lagraa shares his view on the essence of Islamic culture – how the traditions, practices and rituals are rooted in the core values of Islam: generosity and brotherhood. He was inspired by the eastern rituals concerning the three elements of purity, origin and spirituality. Through dance he examines the scope of freedom of the individual physical body within culturally diverse societies. Fourteen male and female performers dance to the live vocals of Houria Aïchi and the subtle musical arrangements of composer Olivier Innocenti.
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