Project on slavery, freedom and identity in response to Brett Bailey’s installation Exhibit B.

Een beetje geschiedenis

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To coincide with Brett Bailey’s production Exhibit B pupils of the Nova College in Amsterdam-West have developed their own theatrical installation. The participating youngsters come from all over the world, including China, Ghana, Colombia and Brasil. They have only recently arrived in The Netherlands and are attending a special programme at the school to join the Dutch system. The installation is the result of a project that was set up by Anne Stoop and Ilrish Kensenhuis, two graduating students Theatre teacher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Thematically the project focused on migration, freedom and identity, in line with the subjects which Bailey addresses in his work. The installation was presented last December. The project will be continued in June with a presentation and a visit to Exhibit B.

The performances are part of a three-day event at the MC Theatre. For more information and ticket sales, please refer to