Fool of Love, a programme of Shakespeare Sonnets

Double Tree Late Night

Franui & Karsten Riedel

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Just like last year, on three Saturday nights after the regular performances the Holland Festival is throwing a party in the SkyLounge of the DoubleTree Hotel. In a relaxed atmosphere, artists, the Festival audience and other visitors can enjoy musical performances by Festival artists who show another side of their talents than in the regular programme. The bar remains open during the performances, and this will be Festival hangout until the wee hours of the morning. Entrance is free.

This Saturday, the Franui ensemble (in the Festival with their Mahlerlieder) and singer Karsten Riedel transport the audience into the mysterious world of William Shakespeare’s sonnets. The singer-songwriter from Bochum and the ‘musicabanda’ from the East Tyrolean village of Innervillgraten create a complete new Shakespeare sound in their programme Fool of Love, a treat for the eyes and ears with dulcimer, harp, double bass and a considerable battery of wind instruments, among other things. A low threshold genre appropriately called ‘village pop’.