Thomas Ostermeier directs his first Chekhov.

De Meeuw (The Seagull)

Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Anton Chekhov, Thomas Ostermeier

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‘If you ever need my life, come and take it.’ This is what’s written in a locket which Nina secretly hands to the successful stage writer Trigorin. The young woman dreams of an eventful life as an actress, but with this action fatally undermines the existing relationships. The Seagull is Thomas Ostermeier’s first stab at directing Chekhov. With it, the internationally renowned director not only deals with an ultimate love story but also a seminal piece about the theatre itself and Chekhov’s first play in which he developed his now famous ‘theatre of mood’; a brand of theatre in which an explosive cocktail of hidden desires, motives and frustrations lurks underneath the surface of the dialogue.

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