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Together with homeless people frequenting the Makom centre for the homeless, pupils of the Jeugdtheater­school Zuidoost (Youth Theatre School Amsterdam South East) create and present location performances about migration and racism. The project was set up by two master students of Art Education at the Amsterdam School for the Arts and was inspired by the work of the South-African artist Brett Bailey, who features in this year’s Holland Festival with Exhibit B, an installation on the history of European racism, the exploitation of Africa and the current problems of immigration and deportation. In the performances these themes are translated to an Amsterdam context. The stories of the homeless migrants of Makom serve as inspiration for the performances, dealing with current issues which are often neglected.

Like the rain and the snow, I can fall and land anywhere.

Visitor Inloophuis Makom


project management
Nathalie Roos en
Sanne Wichman
drama teacher
Margriet Brosens
visual artist
Olivia Glebbeek
Jeugdtheaterschool Zuidoost
Irene Lips
Rachied Belfor
Sumardi Buyne
Denzel Goudmijn
Lesney Heikerk
Dana van Nieuwaal
Marlijn Peeters
Djelani Sjak-Shie
Rob Bril
Clifton Lettering
Kimiko Singer
Jacques Vedel
Farid Benali