World Poetry Day

Today, March 21st, is World Poetry Day. This year we also have a number of performances which incorporate poetic elements and poetry has been a source of inspiration for many creators at the festival. Here are a few of them for you.


Le jeune noir à l’épée – Abd Al Malik

In Le Jeune Noir à l’épée (young black boy with a sword) French rapper Abd Al Malik tells the story of a young man from the banlieue who is released from prison. Al Malik was inspired by the poetry of Charles Baudelaire and the thoughts of Martiniquais philosopher Édouard Glissant on diversity and globalisation. A story about escaping police violence, hate and life in suburban France using black music, white music and everything in between.


June 12, Muziekgebouw


Vehicle - Gerhard Marx, Shane Cooper

Vehicle is a performance piece by Gerhard Marx and Shane Cooper where they improvise using unusable instruments. Car components are combined with parts of string instruments. The unique sound produced is combined with a poetic text by writer Toast Coetzer about a car journey from Cape Town to Johannesburg.


7 – 9 June, Frascati


Sur les traces de Dinozord – Faustin Linyekula & Studios Kabako

In Sur les traces de Dinozord (In Search of Dinozord) Faustin Linyekula explores what hope remains for violence-ravaged and war-torn Congo. In this political memoire the audience is taken on a journey through lost dreams and memories of old friends in Kisangani, the city where Linyekula grew up. One of his old friends was the poet Richard Kabako, who died far from home and is buried in an unknown grave.


4 & 5 June, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam / Grote Zaal