'Passionate proclamation of female freedom'

Today, on International Women's Day, women's rights and female solidarity take centre stage. The Holland Festival’s upcoming edition devotes much attention to strong young women and associated female suffering.  

Paisajes para no colorear
- Marco Layera

'Passionate proclamation of female freedom' - El Mercurio

Nine young women, directed by Marco Layera, fearlessly tell of the daily violence and vulnerability experienced by women in Chile. Although they are all between 13 and 17-years-old, they do not mince their words and shatter every single myth about female innocence.
14 - 15 June, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Mitra - Jorge León, Eva Reiter, George van Dam, Claron McFadden

Mitra is the real-life story of the Iranian psychoanalyst Mitra Kadivar, who was instituted in a psychiatric hospital in Tehran in 2012 for unclear reasons. Director Jorge León turned her incredible story into a hybrid artwork combining music theatre, documentary and installation.
11 June, Muziekgebouw 

The Scarlet Letter - Angélica Lidell, Atra Bilis Teatro

In The Scarlet Letter theatre director Angélica Lidell focuses on current sexual mores. The performance is based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's eponymous novel - a work about sin, punishment and reconciliation.
8 - 9 June, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Turan Dokht - Aftab Darvishi, Miranda Lakerveld, the Nilper Orchestra

In Turan Dokht director Miranda Lakerveld and composer Aftab Darvishi bring Turandot - reduced in Puccini’s version to a murderous princess - back to her roots. Their Turan Dokht tells the story of an inner quest for self-knowledge and humility.
5 - 6 June, Muziekgebouw