Mohamed El Khatib


In 2008 he co-founded a collective called Zirlib on the premise that aesthetics are never devoid of political sense: art must be able to relate to everyday life. Meetings are always a central starting point for Khatib’s work. The idea for Moi, Corinne Dadat (2014) emerged after meeting a cleaner at a secondary school in Bourges. She scrubbed the toilets there; he was teaching theatre workshops. Khatib brought her to the stage in a ‘documentary ballet for a cleaner and dancer’. Finir en beauté, about the death of his mother, was a great success at the 2015 edition of the Festival d’Avignon and was awarded the Grand prix de littérature dramatique. He created an installation, Renault 12, featuring a road movie between Orléans and Tanger. In C’est la vie (2017) Khatib put two actors on the stage who had both lost a child. With Stadium, featuring 53 supporters of Racing Club de Lens on stage, Mohamed El Khatib is making his debut in the Netherlands. Khatib is an associated artist at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, the Centre dramatique National de Tours - Théâtre Olympia, and TnB – Théâtre national de Bretagne – Centre Européen Théâtral et Choréographique.