Milo Rau


In 2007, Rau founded the theatre and film production company International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM). His productions, campaigns and films – among them Die letzten Tage der Ceausescus (The Last Hours of the Ceausescus), Hate Radio, City of Change, Breiviks Erklärung (Breivik’s Statement), Die Moskauer Prozesse (The Moscow Trials), Die Zürcher Prozesse (The Zurich Trials), The Civil Wars, The Dark Ages, Das Kongo Tribunal (The Congo Tribunal) and Mitleid. Die Geschichte des Maschinengewehrs (Compassion. The History of the Machine Gun) − have been touring in more than 30 countries around the world and have been invited to some of the biggest national and international festivals, including Berliner Theatertreffen, Festival d'Avignon, Zürcher Theaterspektakel, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen, Festival TransAmeriques, Wiener Festwochen, the Kunstenfestival Brussels and Biennale Teatro di Venezia. In 2014, Rau received the Swiss Theatre Prize as well as the Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden (War Blinded Audio Play Prize) for Hate Radio, which deals with the role radio propaganda played in the Rwandan genocide. Rau was awarded the Politik im Freien Theater Festival's Jury Prize for his play The Civil Wars, which was also selected as one of the 5 best plays of 2014 by Swiss State Television and voted one of the best plays in the Netherlands and Flanders (Theatre Festival 2014/15). In 2015, Rau was awarded the Konstanzer Konzilspreis − Preis für Europäische Begegnungen und Dialog (Council of Constance Prize – Prize for European Encounter and Dialogue) in its inaugural year. Milo Rau was awarded 2016 with International Theatre Institute (ITI)'s prize on World Theatre Day. Rau's political essay Was tun? Kritik der Postmodernen Vernunft (2013, What to do? Critique of Postmodern Reason) was a bestseller. Belgian daily La Libre recently named Rau 'Europe's most sought after director' and Le Soir described him as one of the 'freest and most strident minds of our time.' The Dark Ages will mark his debut at the Holland Festival.