Elaine Mitchener


An alumni of London’s Trinity College of Music, she currently studies with opera singer Jacqueline Bremar. As an improvisor she has performed with many leading European and American instrumentalists including Evan Parker, George Lewis and William Parker. In the realm of composed music, she focuses on the contemporary repertoire – pieces she has performed include Cave by Tansy Davies with the London Sinfonietta, SongBooks by John Cage, Manga Scroll by Christian Marclay, and Infinito Nero by Salvatore Sciarrino. There is a radical political dimension to her chosen repertoire also. As a member of the UK ensemble Apartment House she has made a point of performing works by black composers, including Julius Eastman, Fluxus artist Ben Patterson, and the UK premiere of Charles Mingus’ String Quartet No 1. Under the banner of ‘Elaine Mitchener Projects’, she has developed a number of projects which further emphasise the historical importance of African-diasporic composers and improvisors. These include Sweet Tooth, Vocal Classics of the Black Avant Garde and the Jeanne Lee Project. Her trio The Rolling Calf combines texts by revolutionary Caribbean writers with collective electroacoustic improvisation to strike a new bridgehead for the black British avant-garde.