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In 2022, the Holland Festival will celebrate its 75th anniversary. Throughout these years, there were a great many performances that kept people on the edge of their seats or that they talked about for a long time afterwards. The Holland Festival helps make international art possible, among other things as co-producer of exceptional performances. To mark our anniversary in 2022, we want to surprise our audience once again with the premiere of a special and ambitious project for which we are asking your help: Euphoria

Euphoria will be a spectacular new music and film installation by German filmmaker and video artist Julian Rosefeldt (1965). His earlier work Manifesto, with Cate Blanchett in all the leading roles, was part of Holland Festival 2017. 

help make Euphoria possible
In June, we would like to present Euphoria for 17 days in the Central Markthal in Amsterdam, with a live performance with a choir on the last several days. It will be an exceptional installation at a location that is normally not accessible. We need a large budget for this, in part for several large screens and the latest high-quality AV systems. We need your help in order to realise this. 


about Euphoria 

Rosefeldt’s new film installation asks why capitalism until today seems to be without alternative, and why it continues to be so irresistible even to people who are aware of its destructive character. 

It is based on texts and quotations by Donna Haraway, Karl Marx, Albert Einstein, Angela Davis, Ursula K. Le Guin, Warren Buffett, Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, and many others that will be spoken, sung and performed. The installation deals with the unbridled ‘euphoric’ consumption of our time. It does so by combining historic texts with familiar scenic settings, in which acclaimed international actors perform as contemporary characters, all of them impersonating marginalised and underprivileged people of our society. 

Rosefeldt’s new work is realised in collaboration with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus (New York, US), the composers Samy Moussa and Cassie Kinoshi and five of the most acclaimed contemporary jazz drummers of our days – Terri Lyne Carrington, Steve Gadd, Antonio Sanchez, Eric Harland, and Yissy Garcia. 

The youth choir, consisting of 150 children surrounding the audience in a circular life-size projection, functions as a commenting voice, as the conscience of society, comparable to the function of the choir in ancient Greek theatre. The jazz drummers represent the restless machinery behind capitalism, sometimes delivering a synchronised pulsating beat, in other moments a rather chaotic multitude of interwoven rhythmic patterns. The large circular set-up provides an overwhelming experience in which visitors can fully immerse themselves.

will you help make Euphoria possible with a donation?

In return for donations up to € 150:
- we will keep you informed about how the project is progressing, and
- we will include your name (if desired) in the communication surrounding Euphoria.

For donations up to € 500:
- see above, plus a tour behind the scenes

For donations of € 750:
- see above, plus an invitation (for two persons) to the performance on the last days

For donations of € 7500:
- see above, plus the opportunity to meet the makers of Euphoria.